Twitter spam removal tool for cryptocurrency, forex and stock traders

Browser extension that removes tweets that over-shill cash tags ($ETH, USDJPY, etc.) & promotes signal groups

  • Avoid phishing attacks by hackers

  • Save time by removing spam tweets

  • Trade faster by following latest news

  • Supports TweetDeck

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Shill Kill does not save/track your twitter information. It's private & secure

Hacking Protection

Remove malicious tweets making phishing/hacking attempts

Trade faster

Respond to news faster by quickly finding latest twitter updates on cryptocurrencies, forex and stocks

$0.00 / month
  • ✔ Unlimited spam tweets removed/ Month
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$6.99 / month
Payable for 6 months: $41.95
  • ✔ Unlimited spam tweets removed/ Month
  • ✔ Tweetdeck support
Pay with bitcoin or 40+ Altcoins. We don't accept FIAT :)
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