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Automatically remove twitter spammers that shill cash tags, reflinks, signals and other malicious links.

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  • Around 90% of crypto twitter cash tag ($btc, $eth etc) search results are spam.
  • Around 1 out of every 5 spam accounts posts potentially dangerous hacking/ phishing/ virus links.
  • Inability to find latest news on coins, leads to lost trading opportunities and hence lost profits.



ShillKill continuously monitors
crypto twitter to identify
latest spam tweets.


Intelligent algorithms rapidly
scan & identify spam accounts
from genuine ones.


Spammers are automatically and continuously blocked from your twitter account.You never see them again.


Trade better

Beat the market by discovering latest crypto news faster than others. Low spam high quality news feed = faster trading response = more potential profits.

Protect yourself

Stay smart and protect yourself from hacking, phishing and other malicious links spammers post.
ShillKill removes around 80% of spam posts.*


You do not have to install any software or browser extensions. ShillKill is secure since it just needs your twitter permissions.


All your personal information is secure, because we do not collect any of it.

1 week free trial

By clicking you agree to Terms of Use

  • * ShillKill removed on an average around 80% of spam posts across 1000+ cryptocurrencies with over 20 million tweets analysed. Individual search results spam removal percentage may fluctuate over time.